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  • Selling with Cameron Stephen – our Estate Agency Service

    Great Quality – Personal Service – Super Value Fixed Fee Estate Agency

  • Selling with Cameron Stephen – our Estate Agency Service

    Great Quality – Personal Service – Super Value Fixed Fee Estate Agency

  • Selling with Cameron Stephen – our Estate Agency Service

    Great Quality – Personal Service – Super Value Fixed Fee Estate Agency

Fixed Fee Estate Agency of £850 + vat (£1,020 in total)

That sounds like a lot of money, doesn’t it?

When you compare us with other solicitor - estate agents who would charge you a commission (their fee) based as a percentage of the sale price, you will find out that our Fixed Fee Estate Agency will save you money.

And that can sometimes be quite a lot of money Just as an example, if you were to sell your property for £200,000 If you sell with us, our Estate Agency fee (including the VAT) will be £1,020. If you were to sell your property with a commission-based solicitor - estate agent and that commission is 0.75% of the price then it will cost you (including the VAT) £1,800.

Selling with Cameron Stephen would, in that example, save you £780! Just imagine what you could do with that extra money.

Yes, there are other costs. In connection with the estate agency and marketing there will be the additional costs of the Home Report, the ESPC marketing fee and the costs of the brochures etc and later once your property is under offer and passed to our Conveyancing Team there will be the costs for search reports, and conveyancing fees.

Because some of the costs vary depending on the value of your property (particularly the cost of the Home Report) it is not possible to give full details here of the costs involved. But, if you would like us to provide you with a full and detailed quote for selling your property, we shall be delighted to do that for you.

It’s not just about the costs; it’s also about the service

We agree 100%. That is why we are proud to offer a quality personal service.


  • Your property will be marketed with the ESPC. Everyone knows about the ESPC and it is the place to market your property
  • Your property will also be seen on the Zoopla, Prime Location and S1 Homes websites at no extra charge to you
  • We also market your property using Social Media such as Facebook
  • We use professional photographers to take the photos, the video and prepare the floor plan for your property ensuring that they are of the highest quality
  • We provide top quality brochures
  • We provide the For Sale board at no extra charge to you
  • We can provide an accompanied viewing service to assist you in the showing of your property and if the viewing is during usual office hours on weekdays, this is included at no extra charge to you. We can also offer our accompanied viewing service after office hours during the week and on Saturdays for a small extra charge
  • Attention to Detail – We pay attention to even the small things that can make a big difference. Even things as small as having a door buzzer sticker to identify your property as the one for sale in a tenement

Personal Service

  • The person you speak to and meet at the start of the sale will be the person you deal with throughout the marketing period until your property comes under offer at which point you will be dealing with one of our dedicated Conveyancing Team.
  • You will have their email address and their direct phone number and will be free to contact them whenever you wish.
  • There will be no passing you from one person to another and there will be no irritating phone menus for you to negotiate.
  • Quite simply, you will have direct access to the person dealing with your sale at all times.
  • And when it comes to accompanied viewings, we do not outsource this to an agency, we do it ourselves. We believe this adds value to the service and to the potential buyers who we show around your property
  • Doing the viewings yourself? We give you support there too.
In short, with our proven sales approach, effective marketing and quality service, we are sure that we can sell your property & save your money. Interested? What’s the first step? Simply, give us a call on 0131 555 1234 or request a free pre-sale valuation. It only takes a minute to complete and we shall then get in touch with you.