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First Time Sellers - Second Time Buyers

Published by Cameron Stephen on 8th March 2018

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How to prepare your property for viewings

By Amy Lorimer on 11th May 2017

Your photos have done the trick and people want to come see your property for themselves. How can you make sure you leave a lasting impression?

Using Social Media to Help Sell Your Home

By Jayne McAllister on 18th Apr 2017

Social Media is a powerful tool! Here's what we do for you when selling your property but we also encourage you to do the same.

Is LBTT working for Scotland?

By Cameron Stephen on 3rd Apr 2017

The recent article in the Herald suggests not.

Does Under Offer mean Sold?

By Fiona Duff on 19th Mar 2017

Our guide for sellers as to the difference between a property being under offer and being sold.

Home Reports: How long do they last for?

By Cameron Stephen on 14th Mar 2017

Our brief guide to explain the home report and the uncommon process of updating them.

Land & Buildings Transaction Tax - LBTT

By Cameron Stephen on 9th Mar 2017

Our brief comments on this tax and whether or not it is achieving its goals.

When can I start looking for my new home?

By Cameron Stephen on 21st Feb 2017

Our brief guide to explain when you should start looking for your new home once your home is under offer.

When do we set a closing date for offers?

By Cameron Stephen on 19th Feb 2017

Our brief guide explaining when and why we set a closing date when selling property in Edinburgh.