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Reasons to consider a New Build Property

Published by Amy Lorimer on 11th July 2017

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Making Your Home Smart

By Amy Lorimer on 12th May 2017

It seems as though we have reached a new age in technology. Our houses are no longer just bricks but they now have brains too!

Making the Most of Small Properties

By Cameron Stephen on 30th Mar 2017

With property prices in Edinburgh still rising, even small flats can be very expensive but don't be put off as a first time buyer.

What's included when you buy a property?

By Fiona Duff on 29th Mar 2017

Our brief explanation for first time buyers of what you can expect to be included when buying a property in Edinburgh.

How to keep house prices low for generations?

By Cameron Stephen on 2nd Feb 2017

Our summary of and views on this BBC News article in November 2016.