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Foreign Ownership of UK Residential Property

Published by Cameron Stephen on 7th March 2018

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Plogging in Edinburgh

By Amy Lorimer on 1st Mar 2018

Plogging has made it's way to Edinburgh but what is it and how can you get involved?

Flatpack Empire

By Cameron Stephen on 19th Feb 2018

The latest BBC series to have caught our attention is Flatpack Empire. Cameron shares his thoughts on one the episodes focus.

Love It or List It - An idea for Edinburgh?

By Cameron Stephen on 6th Feb 2018

We've been binge watching Love It or List It and wondering if the concept could work here in Edinburgh.

Plans for Airbnb Restrictions in Edinburgh

By Amy Lorimer on 23rd Jan 2018

Plans for restrictions in Edinburgh's Airbnb properties have been proposed and we take a look at what this might mean.

A Win for Edinburgh

By Jenna Lee on 15th Dec 2017


Edinburgh's Christmas 2017

By Amy Lorimer on 14th Nov 2017

The Edinburgh's Christmas event in our city centre begins this weekend. What can you expect?

Meadowbank Fireworks

By Amy Lorimer on 3rd Nov 2017

The last fireworks show at Meadowbank is scheduled for this weekend in celebration of Bonfire Night.

Scotland Food and Drink Show 2017

By Jenna Lee on 13th Oct 2017

This weekend is the Scotland Food and Drink Show here in Edinburgh. Will we see you there?

Edinburgh's Open Doors

By Amy Lorimer on 19th Sep 2017

This weekend many of Edinburgh's otherwise closed buildings will open their doors to the public.