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Published by Amy Lorimer on 9th March 2018

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First Time Sellers - Second Time Buyers

By Cameron Stephen on 8th Mar 2018

David Lauder, a mortgage adviser at the ESPC in Edinburgh, gives some useful advice for those people thinking of selling and buying in Edinburgh.

Lack of Housing for First Time Buyers

By Cameron Stephen on 6th Mar 2018

Theresa May has talked about the lack of housing available for First Time Buyers - something we are all too familiar with in Edinburgh.


By Amy Lorimer on 5th Mar 2018

A guide to Canonmills, including history, property and amenities.

Plogging in Edinburgh

By Amy Lorimer on 1st Mar 2018

Plogging has made it's way to Edinburgh but what is it and how can you get involved?

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

By Amy Lorimer on 27th Feb 2018

The colour of the year for 2018 from Dulux has now been announced. What are your thoughts on the choice?

Featured Property: 88 Bingham Broadway

By Jayne McAllister on 27th Feb 2018

New to the market is this lovely and exceptionally spacious house.

Featured Property: 7/7 Portland Gardens

By Jayne McAllister on 22nd Feb 2018

New to the market, this lovely little flat is perfect for a first time buyer or as an investment property.


By Amy Lorimer on 20th Feb 2018

We are big fans of home interiors here at Cameron Stephen & Co. so upon discovering BoConcept, we were hooked. What are they all about?

Flatpack Empire

By Cameron Stephen on 19th Feb 2018

The latest BBC series to have caught our attention is Flatpack Empire. Cameron shares his thoughts on one the episodes focus.

First Time Buyers as First Time Landlords

By Cameron Stephen on 13th Feb 2018

A recent article highlights a growing trend on First Time Buyers in Edinburgh choosing to become landlords as opposed to buying property to live in.

Love It or List It - An idea for Edinburgh?

By Cameron Stephen on 6th Feb 2018

We've been binge watching Love It or List It and wondering if the concept could work here in Edinburgh.

Council Tax in Edinburgh

By Amy Lorimer on 1st Feb 2018

Relocating to Edinburgh? Or purchasing your first property? Overwhelmed by the world of council tax? Our guide is here to help.

Plans for Airbnb Restrictions in Edinburgh

By Amy Lorimer on 23rd Jan 2018

Plans for restrictions in Edinburgh's Airbnb properties have been proposed and we take a look at what this might mean.

Leith History - Mulberry Harbours

By Amy Lorimer on 16th Jan 2018

Taking a look back at the history of Leith and it's involvment in World War Ⅱ.

Luxury Retirement Village in Granton

By Amy Lorimer on 9th Jan 2018

As part of the regeneration of Granton, plans for a Luxury Retirement Village are now in place.

Hogmanay in Edinburgh

By Amy Lorimer on 29th Dec 2017

Edinburgh does Hogmanany better than anywhere else. Here's what is on offer this year.

ESPC House Price Report November 2017

By Cameron Stephen on 27th Dec 2017

The latest report from the ESPC shows a slight slowdown in the market as we approached Christmas.

Changes to LBTT - The Scottish Budget

By Cameron Stephen on 22nd Dec 2017

The draft budget is out... What does this mean for LBTT?

Cameron Stephen's Review of 2017

By Cameron Stephen on 21st Dec 2017

A good year for selling property in Edinburgh but a tough year from First Time Buyers

A Win for Edinburgh

By Jenna Lee on 15th Dec 2017


Protect Your Home at Christmas

By Amy Lorimer on 13th Dec 2017

Before you settle down to enjoy this festive season, consider how best your can protect your home.

Buying Property with a Friend

By Cameron Stephen on 11th Dec 2017

Your guide to buying a property with a friend.

Costs vs. Fees - What's the Difference?

By Cameron Stephen on 4th Dec 2017

What’s the difference between costs and fees when selling your property in Edinburgh?

Closing Dates - A Guide for Buyers

By Cameron Stephen on 30th Nov 2017

A guide to understanding closing dates for home buyers offering for properties for sale in Edinburgh.


By Amy Lorimer on 28th Nov 2017

A guide to Duddingston, including history, property and amenities.

Christmas Foodies Festival 2017

By Jenna Lee on 23rd Nov 2017

The Foodis Festival returns to Edinburgh this week for their Christmas show. What can we expect?

2017 Christmas Interior Trends

By Amy Lorimer on 21st Nov 2017

What trends are featuring in this years Christmas decorations?

Portobello Beach

By Amy Lorimer on 16th Nov 2017

Just because we're coming into winter doesn’t mean we can't enjoy Edinburgh's fantatic seaside of Portobello.

Edinburgh's Christmas 2017

By Amy Lorimer on 14th Nov 2017

The Edinburgh's Christmas event in our city centre begins this weekend. What can you expect?

Selling Your Home from the Outside

By Amy Lorimer on 9th Nov 2017

When it comes to property, first impressions are key. How can you ensure you create a good one before buyers even get through the door?


By Amy Lorimer on 7th Nov 2017

A guide to Meadowbank, including history, property and amenities.

Meadowbank Fireworks

By Amy Lorimer on 3rd Nov 2017

The last fireworks show at Meadowbank is scheduled for this weekend in celebration of Bonfire Night.

The Golden Ratio in Interiors

By Amy Lorimer on 2nd Nov 2017

Are you familar with the golden ratio and it's appeal to us humans?

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

By Amy Lorimer on 31st Oct 2017

Our top tips for getting your home ready for the winter elements.

Edinburgh's Most Haunted

By Amy Lorimer on 26th Oct 2017

With Halloween approaching we've been looking at some of Edinburgh's most haunted sites.

5 Tips for Small Kitchens

By Amy Lorimer on 24th Oct 2017

Small kitchens are often a common theme, especially in properties available to First Time Buyers. But how do you go about maximising what you have?

How to Choose an Estate Agent in Edinburgh?

By Cameron Stephen on 18th Oct 2017

Tips from Cameron Stephen on how to choose an estate agent when you are selling your property in Edinburgh.

How do you decide what to see in The Fringe?

By Amy Lorimer on 1st Aug 2017

With literally thousands of shows, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to see at The edinburgh Festival Fringe. Here's how we do it!

Rise in 25-34 year olds Living with Parents

By Amy Lorimer on 17th May 2017

There has been a massive rise in the number of young adults living with their parents. Why is that?

Myths of Low Cost Estate Agents

By Jayne McAllister on 13th May 2017

Cameron Stephen and Co. solicitors and estate agents in Edinburgh debunk the myths of low cost estate agents.

How to prepare your property for viewings

By Amy Lorimer on 11th May 2017

Your photos have done the trick and people want to come see your property for themselves. How can you make sure you leave a lasting impression?

Why we have to sell and buy on the same day?

By Cameron Stephen on 9th May 2017

First time seller's questions answered: why do we have to sell and buy in the same day?

Home Improvement Hacks for First Time Buyers

By Amy Lorimer on 8th May 2017

You've just bought your first home and it's now time to put your stamp on it. But buying property is expensive so here's our hacks to save some money!

Featured Property: 3/10 Cornwallis Place

By Cameron Stephen on 6th May 2017

This month we are delighted to feature this beautifully refurbished top floor flat situated at the edge of Edinburgh's famous New Town.

First Time Buyers - Budgeting Guide

By Amy Lorimer on 1st May 2017

Working out the budget for a first time buyer to improve your chances of finding the right property for you and offering successfully.

Our Fixed Price Estate Agency Philosophy

By Amy Lorimer on 25th Apr 2017

An interview with Cameron to explain The Cameron Stephen Fixed Price Estate Agency Fee philosophy.

Using Social Media to Help Sell Your Home

By Jayne McAllister on 18th Apr 2017

Social Media is a powerful tool! Here's what we do for you when selling your property but we also encourage you to do the same.

First Time Buyers - Now the Offer's Accepted?

By Cameron Stephen on 7th Apr 2017

A guide for first time buyers when their offer on a property has been verbally accepted either by negotiation or at a closing date.

Statutory Repairs Notices when Selling

By Fiona Duff on 25th Mar 2017

Our guide explaining Statutory Repairs Notices and how they can affect the sale of your property in Edinburgh.

Help to Buy ISAs - Explained - Part Two

By Fiona Duff on 21st Mar 2017

Explaining what you need to do and what we do nearer to the completion of your property purchase in order to claim and receive the bonus.

Help to Buy ISAs - Explained - Part One

By Fiona Duff on 20th Mar 2017

Confused by Help to Buy ISA? Let us explain to you about the Help to Buy: ISA Scheme and how it can benefit first time buyers.

Home Reports: How long do they last for?

By Cameron Stephen on 14th Mar 2017

Our brief guide to explain the home report and the uncommon process of updating them.

How important are photos when selling?

By Jayne McAllister on 12th Mar 2017

A guide to explain the importance of good professional photos as part of marketing your property.

Land & Buildings Transaction Tax - LBTT

By Cameron Stephen on 9th Mar 2017

Our brief comments on this tax and whether or not it is achieving its goals.

Fixed Price Estate Agent or Commission?

By Jayne McAllister on 7th Mar 2017

We explain the difference in the fees charged by Estate Agents in Edinburgh and what this means to the final costs when selling your home in Edinburgh

Property Brochures - Are they still worth it?

By Cameron Stephen on 3rd Mar 2017

Printed property brochures add the cost of marketing and so we explain why they are still necessary.

What is a Home Report?

By Cameron Stephen on 1st Mar 2017

Our brief explanation of Home Reports if you are selling your property in Edinburgh.

Should I be worried about the EPC rating?

By Cameron Stephen on 28th Feb 2017

The EPC is the Energy Performance Certificatre and it forms part of the home report for your property when you sell.

When can I start looking for my new home?

By Cameron Stephen on 21st Feb 2017

Our brief guide to explain when you should start looking for your new home once your home is under offer.

When do we set a closing date for offers?

By Cameron Stephen on 19th Feb 2017

Our brief guide explaining when and why we set a closing date when selling property in Edinburgh.

The Best Time of Year to Sell my Property?

By Cameron Stephen on 16th Feb 2017

Our short guide to explain the current property market in Edinburgh and it's trends.

What is my property in Edinburgh worth?

By Cameron Stephen on 8th Feb 2017

We explain how you can find out the value of your property by yourself or using an estate agent in Edinburgh.

How to keep house prices low for generations?

By Cameron Stephen on 2nd Feb 2017

Our summary of and views on this BBC News article in November 2016.

About Cameron Stephen and Co.

By Cameron Stephen on 1st Feb 2017

All about Cameron Stephen and Co. solicitors and estate agents in Leith, Edinburgh.