Protect Your Home Whilst You Holiday

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The summer holiday season is upon us and whilst your mind has turned to sunshine, have you considered proctecting your home whilst you holiday?

The summer is upon us and the lucky ones amongst us are heading away for a well-earned holiday.

Your mind has already turned to warmer weather, relaxed days and an escape from reality. But behind you are leaving your home and the last thing you want to be worrying about whilst away is whether or not your property and your belongings are safe, especially with a recent spike in thefts in certain areas of Edinburgh. To ease your mind and proctect your home we've put together a number of tips to put in place before you travel.

Lock up before you go.

Locking your front door goes without saying but ensure you also lock windows (and move any keys out of view) also. You should also ensure any sheds or garages are secure too, both to protect any belongings within them and to keep any tools which could be used to force entry to your property out of reach.

Don't let your property appear unoccupied.

Suspend newspaper deliveries, leave your car in the driveway, don't close your curtains and set a timer for lights around the property at different times. You may even want to consider investing in some smart lighting for your home so you can maintain some control whilst away (by being able to operate your lighting from your smartphone) and a create degree of uncertainty for anyone that may be watching your property.

Ask a trusted neighbour to check in.

If you have a neighbour (whom you trust) ask them to collect your post so you can avoid a pile forming at your door, as well as watering plants so they don't wilt and start to look abandoned. Just be sure to show them any alarm systems and how to lock up your property correctly, as well as having contact details for you while you're away in case of emergencies.
Someone coming and going from a property, particulary at random times, also works as a good deterrent for theifs.

Ensure your home insurance is up to date.

Your mind is probably more focused on travel insurance but it's worth glancing over your current home insurance policy to check it's up to date and you'll be covered whilst away, should the worst occur.

Avoid posting on social media.

It can be tempting to brag about the sunshine and post a few beach snaps on Facebook whilst you're away but it's worth refraining as to avoid presenting your property as empty and free for thiefs to help themselves. If you really must post to social media, be sure to review your privacy settings and your friendlist before you go. Otherwise save the photo sharing until your home.



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