Making the Most of Victorian Terraces

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The recent edition of Home and Garden features a Victorian Terrace home which is beautifully decorated to maximise it's features.

Edinburgh truly is a city with history. It’s one of the reasons many people love to come here, whether for a visit or to live & buy property.

Just a brief walk around the city centre and you already find yourself overdosed on beautiful architecture, buildings beaming with character and a flashback to what it would be like to live in Edinburgh during centuries gone by.

Perhaps one of the most popular styles of property on the market in Edinburgh is the Victorian Terrace. Bags of character with high ceilings finished in cornicing and sash windows which are made even better when they include a view (extra bonus points if said view includes the castle!). And there’s no shortage of these beautiful homes in Edinburgh with many large Victorian Terraced Houses having now been divided up into smaller homes, although you’ll often find they’re still much more spacious than many modern homes.

When it comes to dressing your new Victorian Terrace home, or indeed doing up your existing home, or even if you’re just in preparation of selling, you’ll not find yourself short of inspiration. Whatever your taste, the tall walls and masses of light from their windows lend themselves brilliantly to many different tastes of interiors.

This month’s edition of Home & Gardens (May 2017) features a lovely Victorian Terrace in London [page 86] which the owner, Jane Peters has truly let her personality shine through. An eclectic choice of furniture which work beautifully together, with countless shelves of books and an obvious fondness of the colour green, Jane has certainly put her own touch on the Victorian Terrace house and made her own taste of interiors perfectly complement the traditional and highly desirable building features.

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