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Grand Design magazine have released and Extenions Special Issue which got us thinking about the wonderful world of extending properties.

As the April 2017 House Price Report revealed, there's a decrease in the number of properties in Edinburgh for sale at present.

This is great news if you are selling as it means the number of buyers interested in your property is on the up but as a buyer, this is far from ideal.

There's many reasons why you may wish to move home. Change of location, shorter commute, downsizing and, of course, for more room. But what do you do when there's simply no properties the size you require, or the market is so competitive that your ideal-sized property is not a financially viable option? You extend!

Of course, an extension on a property is occaisionally not possible but when you can do it & you get it right, it can make your property into something spectacular.

This monthy the Grand Designs magazine features a special issue focusing on extensions and we at Cameron Stephen & Co. have found it to be inspiring as well as of great use to those considering the route of extending their property in Edinburgh.

What can you expect?

From a guide to getting started, the essentials you need to know about planning, as well as top tips for budgeting, the Extensions Special Issue is a great source of information to get you going in extending your property. It also features a number of beautifully extended properties from across the UK to help inspire you.

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You can pick up your copy of the Grand Designs magazine Extensions Speciall Issue at any good newsagent. And of course if we at Cameron Stephen & Co. can assist you in any area of your property journey please do get in touch.


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