House prices up by 4% on average in Scotland

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The latest ROS Scottish House Price Index figures might come as a surprise to buyers and sellers in Edinburgh.

Almost everyone likes to know that the value of their home is going up and so the Registers of Scotland latest Scottish House Price Index figure might be of interest to you.


Naturally since the report covers the whole of Scotland and given there are great differences in property values over Scotland the bit that you are likely to be interested in is Edinburgh.


Interestingly, it shows that the annual price change in the Edinburgh area over the past year (Jan 2016 to Jan 2017) was only 0.4% with the average property price in Edinburgh over that period going up from £227,589 to £228,402.


It is a very broad brush-stroke view of the state of the property market across Scotland and so I think most people who have sold and bought a property in Edinburgh over the past year would be surprised that property prices have only increased by an average of only 0.4%.


Our experience at Cameron Stephen & Co. of acting for both selling clients and buying clients is that properties are achieving prices well over their home report values and even 10% over the home report value is almost becoming the starting point if you have to offer at a closing date.


Recently we sold a property in the Leith area of Edinburgh and it achieved a sale price of over 20% more than the Home Report Value!


By all means read the piece when you see the headlines in the media about property prices, but in our view it is still better perhaps to take the advice of the professionals who deal with property on a daily basis.



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