Goodbye Hygge, Hello Lagom!

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Throughout 2016 the interiors of people's homes was dominated by the hygge style. In 2017 however, it's all about lagom.

If you’re someone who follows trends in property interiors, you’ll have likely noticed a sudden decrease in the amount of ‘stuff’ people are having within their homes. Say hello to “lagom”!

In 2016, a trend for all things cosy started to dawn people’s homes. Lots of knitted blankets, many many candles and plenty of warm-toned accessories; a style of living known by the Danish at “hygge”. It’s perhaps quite a well-suited choice of interior for those of us here in Edinburgh an indeed Scotland, where our summer is never usually longer than a week. A cosy interior is something most of us would be happy to come home to after battling the infamous Edinburgh weather!

In 2017, however we seem to be moving into the opposite direction. Goodbye to cosy and hello minimal. White walls, clutter-free and living a more environmentally-friendly way of life; known to the Swedish as, “lagom”.

A plain, clutter-free house is something that we, as estate agents in Edinburgh, always recommend when it comes to selling your home, as it gives buyers the opportunity to picture what a property would be like with their own belongings in. But unlike the hygge interior trend, there’s a lot more to lagom in terms of way of life.

Lagom is all about balance. Loosely translated to, “not too little, not too much - just right,” it goes hand-in-hand with Swedish beliefs of equality, fairness and moderation. Carried through to your home, it means clutter-free, functionality, energy-awareness (your EPC rating is a good place to start) and recycling, or indeed, upcycling. So, don’t be too quick to dispose of all your hygge accessories, instead, if you want to be truly lagom, think about what is essential and recycle what is not.


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