Bringing Spring Indoors

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We're not all fortunate enough to have a garden so here's some ideas for bringing the feeling of Spring into your home.

Spring has sprung! Apparently.

When it comes to property, a garden is generally a very welcome addition to most homes. Unfortunately, here in Edinburgh and of course by being a city, sometimes outside space is limited and often we end up relying on local parks to give us the greenery we crave.

It is easier than you may think to bring a bit of the outdoors into your home with just a few simple changes.


They don't call it 'Spring cleaning' for nothing, you know! By giving your home a good cleanse you can bring in the rejuvination of which Spring is known for. It also a good way to keep on top of the clutter that has built up over the recent months, of which you would otherwise curse yourself for when it comes to selling your property

House Plants

The first and obivious way to bring a bit of Spring and life into your home is with some plants. A bouquet of fresh flowers will always brighten up your home but house plants are a longer lasting fix which will not only add a bit of green but they will also add some life. For low maintenence plants, cacti are a winner but if you fancy something a bit more fashionable, you'll not be hard pressed to find some succulents, which are all the rage at the moment. Why not try your hand at making a terrarium? Or perhaps a herb garden on your kitchen windowsill? The options are endless and when it comes to plants - the more the merrier!


How you choose to light your home can have a big impact not only on the ambience but on your mood & well-being also. Opting to use Daylight bulbs in your home will not only make it appear brighter and offer the feel of natural daylight, they can also lift your mood as they are known to aid people suffering with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). And lets face it, even in the middle of Spring, it can still feel very dull and gloomy here in Edinburgh.


Who does't love the smell from a field full of fresh flowers? It's easy enough to replicate this aroma with some candles and reed diffusors, giving you the scent of spring without having to open a single window! Skye Candles Scottish Bluebell candle is a beautiful spring fragance guaranteed to transport you somewhere special.


I used to always be amzed by my Granny putting away the winter curtains in favour of her Spring/Summer ones. But have a quick browse around any homewear department at the moment and you'll be inundated with prints of leafs and flowers, perfect for your own Spring/Summer curtains! Depending on what room you're focusing on, you can easily find sheets, curtains, throws and cushions, all beautifully finished with your Spring print of choice. A favourite of mine is Palm Leaf bedding they currently have on sale at Primark, guaranteed to brighten up your home and bring in some evergreen Spring life.


Not a must but if you are planning to redecorate anyway, then why not opt for some brighter neutral colours or even a feature wall with some floral/plant based wallpaper?


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