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ESPC House Price Report November 2017

Published by Cameron Stephen on 27th December 2017

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ESPC House Price Report November 2017

By Cameron Stephen on 27th Dec 2017

The latest report from the ESPC shows a slight slowdown in the market as we approached Christmas.

Changes to LBTT - The Scottish Budget

By Cameron Stephen on 22nd Dec 2017

The draft budget is out... What does this mean for LBTT?

Protect Your Home at Christmas

By Amy Lorimer on 13th Dec 2017

Before you settle down to enjoy this festive season, consider how best your can protect your home.

Build Over Railway Lines - Housing Solution?

By Amy Lorimer on 27th Nov 2017

A recent report has claimed that building over London's railway lines will help relieve the problem of lack of housing in London.

2017 Christmas Interior Trends

By Amy Lorimer on 21st Nov 2017

What trends are featuring in this years Christmas decorations?

The Golden Ratio in Interiors

By Amy Lorimer on 2nd Nov 2017

Are you familar with the golden ratio and it's appeal to us humans?

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

By Amy Lorimer on 31st Oct 2017

Our top tips for getting your home ready for the winter elements.

ESPC House Price Report September 2017

By Cameron Stephen on 10th Oct 2017

The latest report from the ESPC confirms that property prices in Edinburgh are still on the rise.

Pagan Osborne

By Cameron Stephen on 7th Sep 2017

Last week saw the Scottish law firm of Pagan Osborne go into administration and was then taken over by Thorntons.

Getting to School in Edinburgh

By Amy Lorimer on 8th Aug 2017

Back to school and back to the daily school run. How do you do it?

Wildlife in Your Garden this Summer

By Amy Lorimer on 6th Jul 2017

With the summer holidays starting in Edinburgh, we've been thinking about how we can make our outdoor space better for British wildlife.

Protect Your Home Whilst You Holiday

By Amy Lorimer on 28th Jun 2017

The summer holiday season is upon us and whilst your mind has turned to sunshine, have you considered proctecting your home whilst you holiday?

Pensioners Paying a Record 3.7bn on Rent

By Amy Lorimer on 19th Jun 2017

It's been reported that pensioners now make up a larger segment of the rental market - why is that?

Proposed Changes to ADS

By Cameron Stephen on 8th Jun 2017

There's some good news for those currently affected by the Additional Dwelling Supplement here in Scotland. But what does it mean?

Lets Talk Extensions

By Amy Lorimer on 2nd Jun 2017

Grand Design magazine have released and Extenions Special Issue which got us thinking about the wonderful world of extending properties.

Rise in 25-34 year olds Living with Parents

By Amy Lorimer on 17th May 2017

There has been a massive rise in the number of young adults living with their parents. Why is that?

Making Your Home Smart

By Amy Lorimer on 12th May 2017

It seems as though we have reached a new age in technology. Our houses are no longer just bricks but they now have brains too!

Bringing Spring Indoors

By Amy Lorimer on 4th May 2017

We're not all fortunate enough to have a garden so here's some ideas for bringing the feeling of Spring into your home.

What Type of Buyer are You?

By Cameron Stephen on 3rd May 2017

How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beany got us thinking about what type of buyer a person may be.

Goodbye Hygge, Hello Lagom!

By Amy Lorimer on 25th Apr 2017

Throughout 2016 the interiors of people's homes was dominated by the hygge style. In 2017 however, it's all about lagom.

Making the Most of Victorian Terraces

By Amy Lorimer on 21st Apr 2017

The recent edition of Home and Garden features a Victorian Terrace home which is beautifully decorated to maximise it's features.

Why does Leith not have a Starbucks?

By Cameron Stephen on 13th Apr 2017

The so-called Starbucks Effect has yet to hit Leith - why is that?

Is LBTT working for Scotland?

By Cameron Stephen on 3rd Apr 2017

The recent article in the Herald suggests not.

Land & Buildings Transaction Tax - LBTT

By Cameron Stephen on 9th Mar 2017

Our brief comments on this tax and whether or not it is achieving its goals.

House prices up by 4% on average in Scotland

By Cameron Stephen on 3rd Feb 2017

The latest ROS Scottish House Price Index figures might come as a surprise to buyers and sellers in Edinburgh.

How to keep house prices low for generations?

By Cameron Stephen on 2nd Feb 2017

Our summary of and views on this BBC News article in November 2016.