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Buying Property with a Friend

Published by Cameron Stephen on 11th December 2017

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Buying Property with a Friend

By Cameron Stephen on 11th Dec 2017

Your guide to buying a property with a friend.

Closing Dates - A Guide for Buyers

By Cameron Stephen on 30th Nov 2017

A guide to understanding closing dates for home buyers offering for properties for sale in Edinburgh.

5 Tips for Small Kitchens

By Amy Lorimer on 24th Oct 2017

Small kitchens are often a common theme, especially in properties available to First Time Buyers. But how do you go about maximising what you have?

Tips for Unmarried Couples Buying Property

By Cameron Stephen on 19th Sep 2017

It's becoming more and more common for unmarried parties to team together and purchase property but what are the logistics of this?

Zoopla's Insight Into First Time Buyers

By Cameron Stephen on 4th Sep 2017

What does the recent Zoopla survey for first time buyers reveal?

What is the Bank of Mum and Dad?

By Cameron Stephen on 29th Aug 2017

The so-called Bank of Mum and Dad is now he ninth largest lender in the UK. But what is it?

First Time Buyer Mythbusters

By Cameron Stephen on 10th Aug 2017

Buying your first home can feel like a minefield. We've been looking to bust some of the myths that cause concern.

Reasons to consider a New Build Property

By Amy Lorimer on 11th Jul 2017

New Build properties are sometimes over-looked but they can be a great option for all property buyers, especially first time buyers.

Stress-free Moving Day

By Fiona Duff on 7th Jul 2017

Moving property can be a very stressful event but with a little advanced planning you can relief the stress quite a bit.

Questions to Ask Whilst Viewing Properties

By Jayne McAllister on 26th Jun 2017

When it comes to viewing property to purchase, what questions should you be asking whilst viewing?

First Time Buyers - Giving Landlords Notice

By Cameron Stephen on 6th Jun 2017

A guide for First Time Buyers on giving notice to their landlords when purchasing their first property in Edinburgh.

10 Tips for First Time Buyers in Edinburgh

By Cameron Stephen on 30th May 2017

The property market in Edinburgh is hugely competitive. To maximise your chances of buying successfully, here are our top 10 tips.

Shared Ownership of Rental Property and Tax

By Cameron Stephen on 16th May 2017

Buy to let properties: Can you save some tax by changing the shares of ownership?

Noting Interest in a Property in Edinburgh

By Cameron Stephen on 15th May 2017

A short guide to understanding Noting Interest for home buyers offering for properties in and around Edinburgh.

Home Improvement Hacks for First Time Buyers

By Amy Lorimer on 8th May 2017

You've just bought your first home and it's now time to put your stamp on it. But buying property is expensive so here's our hacks to save some money!

First Time Buyers - Budgeting Guide

By Amy Lorimer on 1st May 2017

Working out the budget for a first time buyer to improve your chances of finding the right property for you and offering successfully.

First Time Buyers - Now the Offer's Accepted?

By Cameron Stephen on 7th Apr 2017

A guide for first time buyers when their offer on a property has been verbally accepted either by negotiation or at a closing date.

Making the Most of Small Properties

By Cameron Stephen on 30th Mar 2017

With property prices in Edinburgh still rising, even small flats can be very expensive but don't be put off as a first time buyer.

What's included when you buy a property?

By Fiona Duff on 29th Mar 2017

Our brief explanation for first time buyers of what you can expect to be included when buying a property in Edinburgh.

Help to Buy ISAs - Explained - Part Two

By Fiona Duff on 21st Mar 2017

Explaining what you need to do and what we do nearer to the completion of your property purchase in order to claim and receive the bonus.

Help to Buy ISAs - Explained - Part One

By Fiona Duff on 20th Mar 2017

Confused by Help to Buy ISA? Let us explain to you about the Help to Buy: ISA Scheme and how it can benefit first time buyers.