Should I change the locks at my new home?

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It's been revealed that many people do not change the locks on the door of their new properties. We look at why you probably should.

Research carried out a few years ago suggested that as many as 30% of movers did not change locks on all external doors when they purchased their new home.

I don’t suppose that people in Edinburgh think much differently to the rest of the UK. However, can you always be sure that there are not spare keys to your home somewhere? Especially if the property you have bought was previously rented out.

If you do decide to change the locks then there are plenty of locksmiths around Edinburgh that provide an excellent service and are usually quick and not too expensive.

I can give a personal recommendation for Capital Lock Services Edinburgh.

A year or so ago, I went round to a property we were selling and completing the next day to take final meter readings for the seller. Things that should never happen to an estate agent – the key broke in the lock as I was trying to unlock the door. Major panic. However, I gave Capital Lock Services Edinburgh a call and they managed to remove the broken key, replace the lock, deliver the new keys to me in a matter of just a couple of hours. They even took the meter readings for me. So, an excellent service and not expensive. A little like ourselves.


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