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Plogging has made it's way to Edinburgh but what is it and how can you get involved?

It would seem that the Swedish are trendsetters in many ways at the moment.

We are already taken in by flatpack furniture and the Lagom way of life but the latest trend to be hitting us from Sweden is Plogging.

Haven't heard of it? Don't worry, it was new to us too but it does seem to be attracting a global following.

The name comes from the ever-popular exercise of jogging. And the idea of picking up litter as you go, with a play on the Swedish word "plocka" which translate to the pharse, "to pick". Simply put - you go for a jog and pick up litter along your way.

With plastic being such a current topic in society, it only makes sense that efforts are being made in a variety of ways to help reduce the problem and Plogging is another innovative way to achieve this, which literally anyone can get involved with. Best of all, you not only do your bit of good for the planet, you also get out and get some exercise, as well as the chance to make some new friends.

And it seems that there is already a group of Ploggers forming in Edinburgh. Armed with rubbish bags, they run the streets and parks of Edinburgh, picking up the litter that has been left, whilst keeping their fitness levels up.


If you fancy giving Plogging a go, Jospeh Pearce's at the top of Leith Walk have started Edinburgh's first Plogging group and meet every Tuesday at 7pm. Put your trainers on, grab a bag and go save the planet!


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