Plans for Airbnb Restrictions in Edinburgh

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Plans for restrictions in Edinburgh's Airbnb properties have been proposed and we take a look at what this might mean.

A recent report has revealed that there is now proposed plans for a 90-day cap on renting properties on Airbnb within Edinburgh.


The plans come amid concerns that the American-founded website which allows people to let rooms and homes on a short-term basis is being misused as a way for landlords to advertise their properties and find long-term tenants with low cost advertising, as well avoiding business rate taxes.


The proposed plans would mean a limit to the number of days which an owner of an Airbnb room/property could only rent for a maximum of 90 consecutive days. It also suggests there should be a distinction between property being a home or a hotel, with those used as HMO being monitored under regulation.


Airbnb are said to welcome the plans, having already worked with 300 governments around the wold to devise clear house-sharing rules.


A meeting took place between Airbnb and Edinburgh Council yesterday, with more information on the plans expected to follow soon.


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