Edinburgh the UK's Property Hotspot

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The Edinburgh News recently reported that Edinburgh has topped London in the top property hot spots. Here's our view on why.

It comes as no suprise to us, being solicitors and estate agents in Edinburgh.

But it has been confirmed that Edinburgh is one of the most in demand places for property in the UK. Although what is surprising is Edinburgh overtaking centeral London in the stakes for the number one spot. Of course, Lodon still remains to be the most expensive but in terms of enquiries of properties for sale, Edinburgh comes out tops with almost double of what properties in London receive compared to the national averag.

We have mentioned many times that there is a supply and demand issue ongoing with properties in Edinburgh, with their being far more buyers looking to pruchase properties than there is properties available. This makes for a very competitive market, with it being very rare for a property to be on the market for long, or for it to sell for any less than the Home Report value. Something which doesn't seem set to change anytime soon. Not great news for First Time Buyers unfortunately!

Centeral London came third in the UK's Top Property Hotspot, with Croydon above and Edinburgh at number one. Glasgow followed after Lodon, marking it the only other UK city in the Top 10.


It's easy to see why Edinburgh is so popular, given all the beautiful areas in which it has to offer. Our Area Guides are there to help you find the ideal place for you.


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