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A guide to Lochend, Edinburgh, including history, property and amenities.

Neighbours with Leith and Easter Road, Lochend is another popular area of Edinburgh. Within easy commuting distance of the city centre it is popular with professionals and families alike.


In close proximitly to Easter Road and Leith, Lochend is easily accessible from the City Centre by a number of Lothian Buses. The area is mainly residential with many properties having access to areas to parking; alternatively on-street parking is available but limited.

Places to Visit

  • Lochend Park - Perhaps one of the best parts of Lochend! A lovely area of parkland, complete with a pond (Loch), children's play area, teen area, sports area and plenty of green space. It's also home to a Dovecot which you see as soon as you enter the park; built in the 16th centuary to supply pigeons to Lochend Castle, it was even used as a 'plague kiln' in 1564 to burn clothes and bedding of people whom had become infected during the outbreak of plague.

Local Cachment Schools

Primary Schools

High Schools

Hermitage Park Primary School

Leith Academy

St Ninian's RC Primary School

Holy Rood RC High School

Please note: Catchment Schools serve only as a guide. For confirmation of Catchment School you can enter your address into the Edinburgh Council Catchment Area Maps.


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