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A guide to the Leith area of Edinburgh, including history, property and amenties.

Originally a burgh of it's own, Leith was made a part of Edinburgh in 1920.

Despite now being a firm part of Edinburgh, Leith still maintains it own community feel, throughout it's many areas. Leith has served as the Port of Edinburgh since the 14th century and is still remains an important of not only Edinburgh but Scotland too. It's somewhere that us at Cameron Stephen & Co. solicitors and estate agents love also, as it is where our office is based.


Areas of Leith

The Shore - the most North point of Leith and home of Edinbugh's very own Port.
Leith Links - a beautiful area surrounding the acres of park that make up Leith Links.
Leith Walk - the infamous road that connects Leith the the City Centre.
Easter Road - adjacent to Leith Walk, Easter Road is home to one of Edinburgh's famous football teams.


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